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epgd Airport


EPGD Gdansk - Rebiechowo
Lech Walesa Airport
AIRPORT Scenery for MSFS 2020

msfs EPGD

Gdansk Airport is the second regional airport and 3nd largest international airport in Poland. The operational area of the airport covers north-west Poland with around 5 million passengers served in 2018. 

EPGD Gdansk Airport has a single asphalt-concrete runway in the direction of 11/29 (2800x60m) and is equipped with the ILS CAT II, but the Airport will be further developed in the next years. Plans include an installation of a new landing system ILS CAT IIIb. In the direction 29, an ALPA-ATA cat. II approach lighting system with flashing lights installed. In the direction 11, there is a simplified SALS approach lighting system with Glide Path 3.5°. The airport  currently provides space for D-code aircrafts.


New terminal and surrounding buildings  HD

Hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting

Full coverage with custom HD buildings and all known landmarks

Fully dynamic lightings

Custom Runway, Apron and Taxiways

High resolution ground textures

Minimum System Requirements: Multi-core processor @ 3.0 Ghz or faster, 8GB Ram.

3D video card with at least 4GB.

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